Best Online Accredited Schools and Universities

Online education is already considered to be a major mode of education in the country and in consideration to its immense popularity a lot many accreditation boards and councils have set up in regional as well as national level to provide guarantee of quality and authorization for their educational programs. As today’s professional business suits availability of option in scheduling educational curriculum in accordance with ones own routine, online education became a viable option to avail a degree program in the free time and in the cozy convenience of one’s own home. Secondly, the students of present age are required to obtain education in more than one field of professional expertise because of better professional exposure in their career and in this respect online education is the only alternative to obtain education in a professional degree program beside their regular campus based education. Thirdly, for professional educational disciplines in various technical trades, online education provides an unique globally interactive and immensely informative platform which is definitely a higher qualitative advantage of online education. But the most important thing in regard to online education is the accreditation and national recognition by the authoritative and regulatory bodies which guarantee the quality of that particular online educational program as well as its being considered as compatible with regular campus based degree programs.

We would provide here a short list of best online accredited schools which have made a reputation of their popular degree programs in various professional as well as academic discipline. The biggest national accreditation agencies for online education include, National Higher Learning  Commission, Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, various regional and state level accreditation agencies and accreditation agencies operating within the sphere of various career trade or professional discipline.


Introduction to best online accredited schools of 2012

University of Phoenix
This is the largest online university by any measure and it has the most widespread online educational network in the entire north America. This university provides almost all level of degree programs in the wide range of academic disciplines, like, health care, natural sciences, humanities, professional trade education in various trades, management, technology, psychology and many more.

Walden University
This is one of the most revered online university, well known for its sheer academic excellence in many professional and academic disciplines, like, health sciences, psychology, counselling, nursing and health care, education, management etc.

Kaplan University
In any list of best online accredited schools this university would invariably feature because of its sheer focus of various career oriented educational programs in many practicing job trades like, health care, nursing, physician assistant, pharmacy technician, legal studies, information technology etc.

Capella University
This is one of the greatest online educational institution in the country, well known for its specialised educational programs in the field of information technology, education, management, business and many more.

DeVry University
This higher learning institution is always considered to be a obvious choice in the list of best online accredited schools because of its truly unique career oriented programs in various educational disciplines like information sciences, natural sciences, health care and health sciences, technology, engineering, business education etc.

Colorado Technical University
This one of the oldest online university which has a big name in the professional career oriented education of various academic as well as job oriented disciplines.  The huge range of degree programs offered by this university include, engineering, technology, health care, information technology, management etc.

This list of best online accredited schools is prepared with consideration towards many factors, like, professional constituents in the educational curriculum offered, employment record of the students, reputation of their programs in various industries, student support systems like grant and placement assistance etc.