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Canada designs visa to attract startup clean tech entrepreneurs

The Canadian Federal Government plans to create a new class of visa it hopes will attract high tech and other innovation-driven entrepreneurs to immigrate to the country to start new companies, and the Ontario Clean Technology Alliance looks forward to a new generation of clean technology businesses from this initiative.

Here are relevant excerpts on the new visa from a Reuters article published in the Globe and Mail on Sept. 12, 2012:

... A visa that would be issued to people identified by venture capital funds as candidates to create startup firms in Canada. The venture funds would be required to invest in the startups.

... Venture investment funds would choose entrepreneurs to invest in, and the government would try to clear them for entry into Canada within weeks. The idea is to unite Canadian money and foreign brains.

... An initial source of candidates could be the frustrated foreigners in the high technology sectors in the United States, who have not been able to land resident status there.

... “This program will link brilliant, job-creating, immigrant entrepreneurs with Canadian investors. We want the world’s best and brightest to come to Canada – to start businesses and to create jobs in Canada.”

... The government will set aside 2,750 visas a year for startup entrepreneurs and their families.

... The biggest changes to the system have been to the skilled worker program, which had a decade-long backlog.


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