Online Education Facts and Stats that you Simply Must Know

Online education is huge and has been so for a few years now. It has gained widespread recognition thanks to the accreditation of online universities. Indeed, many renowned and prestigious colleges offer diplomas and degrees online. In fact, certain courses are available only via the internet. Distance education has come a long way from the days of having the course material delivered via post. Today, there are endless employment and career growth opportunities for those with online degrees under their belt.

So if you are planning to go for an online course, do so by all means. Make sure you take up a course that you know will further your professional prospects and join an accredited institute.

Online education

Here are some cool online education facts that you will surely enjoy!

  • There are four regional accreditors in the U.S and you should look to take up an online diploma course accreditated by one of these.
  • An online high school diploma can get you admission to college.
  • Research done by the DoE in 2009 shows that students taking at least one course online tend to do better at studies than those that take all courses in class.
  • There are close to 10 million students taking one or more course online.
  • Corporate e-learning is a mega-business and in 2010, it was worth $50 billion!
  • Some of the big-named universities offering prestigious online courses include Walden, Strayer, Kaplan,UniversityofPhoenix, Ashford, and Capella.
  • An online degree may not be 100% online; it can be web-facilitated with a mix of classroom and online studies.
  • You can get doctorate level degrees online; did you know this? How’s this for legitimacy?
  • InAmerica, the public expresses overwhelming support for online education and supports public funding, particularly for rural communities.
  • A staggering 90% of 17-year old students inAmericahave gone online to gather some details about online education.
  • By the year 2020, more than 50% of the courses will be delivered online.
  • You can learn courses offered by international universities as well as foreign languages via online courses.
  • In today’s economy 90% of the jobs in a fast-growing field require a college degree that can easily be attained via online education.
  • JonesInternationalUniversityin 1996 holds the distinction of being the first regionally accredited online university.
  • In the field of higher education, the rate of growth for online education is 21%, more than ten times that of traditional classroom teaching.
  • The most popular online degree programs include business, nursing, criminal justice, and computer technology.
  • As the cost of traditional public schooling rises, online education continuously steps in to plug the gaps and this accounts for its growth.
  • For students in societies where education is not as easily available as it is inAmerica, online education is becoming a passport to education and jobs.
  • It is a fact that online education is highly dependent on an individual’s motivation to finish the course by logging in the required number of hours and clearing exams.
  • Online education has a high dropout rate, one reason being that mentioned in point 19. In some studies, it has been quoted to be as high as 75%.
  • K-12 online learning is a rapidly growing market currently valued at $300 million.
  • Michiganwas the pioneering states regarding online learning for high school graduation.
  • Work experience, community service, military experience are some examples that can be transferred to course credits.